Our Argan Collection

As mentioned, our products are made with nature’s very own gift – Argan oil.

For those of us not familiar with Argan oil, it contains various types of advantages.

Argan oil is an essential staple to the Moroccan community, and has been for many years.

Its primary feature is the nutty feeling it contains, plus being recognized as having a wide potential of health benefits. Argan oil is used in beauty, culinary and medicinal aspects. These are the major reasons why we decided to incorporate it in our many products. Below are some of the health benefits Argan possesses.

· Contains anticancer properties
· Has anti-aging properties
· Corrects skin conditions
· Helps with wound healing
· Hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin
· Reduces visible wrinkles
· Increases hair growth, moisturizes, enables shine, and prevents hair damage or loss
· Aids correct and prevent stretch marks
· Can help with diabetes
· Encourages health improvement
· Contains both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
· Provides essential nutrients needed by the skin

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