Private Label Hotel Amenities

Private Label Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities genuinely are the essence of every hospitality service all over the world. Think of it this way. What truly sets a five-star hotel apart from all the other hotels in the world? It is their private label hotel amenities that ensure their branding is forever etched in the minds of all individuals and groups coming to visit them. With that in mind, it is about time your hospitality business too took advantage of it. With GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries, you can be sure to know that not only your guests leave satisfied, but also will take back a grand impression of your hotel that will compel them to come back.

The Charm of Private Labels

Any hotel can do business fine. After all, all that is required are a few staple accessories. Soap, maybe a hotel towel and one is good to go. The true essence of luxury, however, is in the detailing. GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries can manage all of this for you, and leave a lasting impression for your guests. A whole range of products to pamper your guests with and those too with your brand, is too good of an opportunity to pass. All the leading hotel businesses in the world have their merchandise, making them all the more wanting.

Bathroom Accessories and Hygiene

The starter kit for any hotel includes a list of bathroom accessories. GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries perfectly tend to that. A bathroom not only needs to be luxurious in the setting that it provides but also needs to boast of a very strong presence in terms of the accessories being offered. Your hospitality business will send out an exuding impression with its label of hotel soaps and hotel towels. Couple that with our signature Argan shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels, and you have a complete package for the luxury bathroom. Another very important factor is hygiene. These accessories are also kept within the bathroom, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, shaving cream, and a razor. Our signature accessories are greatly customizable, with your brand tags imprinted on everything.

Within the Room

Just out of the shower and into the room? Your guest needs hotel bathrobes. Imagine their delight when they find out their hotel has that ready for them. The same goes for slippers, to roam around inside the room. Next up, the guest is supposed to leave for a meeting, yet they find a button hanging loose from their shirt. A sewing kit is what they need, and a sewing kit is what they shall get the courtesy of your hospitable environment, and GWP’s branding insight. With such measures, anticipating every move of the guest, you too can take your hotel to incredible heights.

Individual or Bulk

Choose to buy from us either products by the unit, or in packages of bulk, according to the needs of your guests, and never have to worry about sending an impressionable message out ever again!

Whatever you choose out of these, it is simple enough that you need it from us. Especially if you are a short term rental facility, our services can take you right ahead of all of your competitors in a single shot. Your customers, while maybe staying only for a short period with you, notice all the small details. Our products will make all the difference for you, helping you gain those reviews you need best.


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