Luxury Hotel Amenities with your Private Label

Luxury Hotel Amenities with your Private Label

You have come to the right place if you are looking for luxury hotel amenities with your private label for your hospitality business. With GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries, you can expect to not only leave a lasting impression on all your guests but also make a brand out of your hotel.

The one thing that truly takes a hotel forward from its competitors is the sheer number of exclusivity and luxury being offered in the rooms. A very apt measure for these is hotel amenities. Your hotel may have a large swimming pool and a restaurant by its side, but until and unless your guests are not pampered inside their rooms, it might not be enough.

The Need for Accessories

It could be argued that accessories do not truly reflect the spirit of the hotel, because it is the staff that gets to showcases the hospitality at hand. However, the guest at your hotel must feel in control while enjoying luxury. It needs to be ensured that their needs are not heard but anticipated and fixed before they get to talk about it. Hotel towels are a primary example of this. One may expect a guest to bring their towels, but when they find one already inside the bath with a tag that says compliments from the hotel, they are bound to be happy at the fact that this facility cares for them.

We go on and emphasize this, especially if you are a short term rental facility. Technically, a lot of such facilities do not expect their guests to be coming in for the amenities, but only a few hours of rest. However, such amenities upgrading their experience can be all the difference that takes you from regular to super luxurious in the eyes of the guest. Get in that line, and there is no looking back for you from hereon.

Body Lotion for Hotels and More

At GWP, we offer a super diverse range of products to make a package for your hotel that talk to you. This means that from our tens of products available to go with your brand, you can choose as many as you like. We fix them up to be the sole representatives of your hospitality services. Be it body lotions, hotel soaps, conditioners, shampoos; we have you covered. When it comes to hygiene, we have yet again a complete range of products including toothbrushes, quality kinds of toothpaste from brands like Colgate, and even flosses, if your guest does not regularly floss. The added luxury is all that forms the impression.

Hotel Amenities within the Room

We have talked about hotel towels and bathrobes. But all of this stuff is restricted to the bathroom. There need to be accessories present within the bedroom, with your labels if necessary, to tell the guest how the hotel is taking care of them. This is possible through our special sewing kits, combs to put on the dressing table, coat hangers and brushes for the very purpose they were made, and many more accessories.

Hotel accessories continue to be the only factor that people rate a hotel’s services for the better. If they feel comfortable in the slippers that your hotel very conveniently placed in the room, you are bound to get thumbs up, and those are very good for business.


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