Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries

What hotel has made a name for itself without an entire selection of luxury items with their brand name emblazoned across it? That is right, not a single one. In today’s day and age, branding is everything. And once the hospitality service industry realizes that, there are many profits to be reaped. Every business in this industry has the potential to go global, as long as they capitalize on their market strategy for branding.

GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries are here to do just that. With our services, tens of hotels have gained international exposure, earning them reviews from across borders simply because the guests felt right at home. We offer all kinds of customization to our wide range of products, giving your hotels the luxury touch with your bathroom amenities.

Hotel Amenities: What have we got?

The standard for any hotel is all necessities that a person might need right after they get up. This is also just the place where you can make all the difference and create a name for your hotel. Regular dental kits involve a small tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush. With GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries, you get a quality toothbrush, a standard 3g Colgate toothpaste, keeping quality in mind, and in addition to that, a small dental floss, for the more eager guests. Even if a guest does not use the floss, its mere presence exudes luxury, leaving a lasting impression.

While we have everything, we strongly suggest that you try out our services if you are a short term rental service. Such places tend to usually skip out on amenities because short stays typically do not require this. However, going the extra mile in this regard can help you gain lifetime support of the guests you serve. Not only will they be coming back, but they will also be recommending you to all the people who ever need such a facility, increasing your turnover rate.

Hotel Soap and Other Bathroom Accessories
For how long has it been your dream to have the logo of your hotel embossed on the towels that are available inside bathrooms? It is now all possible thanks to bathroom amenities. Your hotel soap will be Argan, giving a strong impression of your concern for the environment by trying out organic alternatives. Argan will also be your shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel that come in handy quantities of 30ml each, convenient for a day’s usage. You can always choose to buy these by the unit or in packages, depending on your guests’ needs. Generally, package deals go out to large suites in the hospitality industry instead of standard rooms. A standard double-blade razor and shaving cream are also part of the package, making sure your guests have it in case they forgot their own at home.

More Stuff in the Room
Your guests need to be pampered just the right amount. Body lotion for hotels is made especially under particular direction by GWP, helping your hotel climb the stairs of luxury. Slippers are also conveniently placed inside the room, made of exclusive non-slip EVA soles, which makes sure that they stay working both inside the room as well as on a wet floor in the bathroom.
It is now that you should reach out and get the best deal available for your hotel. GWP knows the industry inside out, and knows exactly what kind of luxury products you need to make your next online review five stars!


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