Hotel Towels and Bathrobes

Hotel Towels and Bathrobes

Guest toiletries are one of the very important factors that end up deciding a hotel’s ratings among the general public as well as online. With that in mind, GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries have come up with a wide variety of solutions for your hospitality business. Be it hotel soaps or towels, or the fancy little sewing kit that is necessary for every room, we have you covered. What is more? We can get all of it done with your own hotel’s branding on top, giving it that extraordinary exclusivity touch that you want.

Hotel Towels and Bathrobes

Imagine your guest walking into the room. They lay down their bag, take out the stuff they have brought with them. There are certain items that they did not bring. These certain items are those that they expect to be provided as services by the hotel. This includes stuff like hotel soaps, shampoos, hotel slippers, but most importantly, and something that forms the crux of guest toiletries, this includes hotel towels and bathrobes. Your guests will most certainly be expecting a soft, fresh towel hanging inside the bathroom right after they wash their faces, and the hospitality provider must arrange for it.

Hotel towels and bathrobes are something that is not expected at a short term rental service. While most people bring in their stuff for this, one cannot imagine their surprise when they find such stuff waiting for them in their rooms. Such services go a long way in keeping these guests for a lifetime. Having been to your facility, their recommendations carry great value too, which is all the more reason for you to invest in amenities at your short term rental, as it can get you tons of rave reviews online.

Where do we come in?

There is a straightforward answer to this question. GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries have for quite a long time been the staple provider of hotel amenities to a whole contingent of hospitality brands. This includes luxury levels of all ranges, and our products have helped these brands make a name for themselves high up in the corporate as well as hospitality ladder. Our signature towels and bathrobes, along with all the other supplies that a room may need, make sure that your guest leaves with an impression no less than five stars of service.

More on Towels

Towels tend to be the staple in any hotel room. These start with even the smallest of motels as a basic service accessory. Our towels are made of the highest quality cotton, with fibres and fabric that are out of this world. The raw material is all sourced locally and processed, keeping in mind the highest of standards. The standard colour for all GWP hotel towels and other guest toiletries is white, but depending on your branding and needs, this can be changed to alternative options too. The towels, as needed, of course, will also feature an emblem or logo, or monogram, whichever term you prefer, of your hotel, either embossed or stitched on to the towel.

In Conclusion

It is always good to stay ahead in the game of hospitality and try to keep a healthy competition with all your competitors. This ensures a greater level of comfort and service for all the guests coming to visit. Guest toiletries can play a vital role in this regard, and GWP is proud to have served so many for this noble cause. Get in touch for your hotel’s customizable package today.


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