Hotel Toiletries Supplier

Hotel Toiletries Supplier

Luxury hotel amenities are genuinely what set a good hotel apart from a bad one. With the services of GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries, you can forget the troubles that have previously been worrying you with regards to your hotel’s toiletries. Currently, especially in the hospitality management industry, the lack of attention given to amenities and hotel accessories has become a grave issue. Solutions to such problems can only be found through modern methods of management. A company that is committed to ensuring the reinstatement of quality hotel amenities in hospitality businesses all across the world.

All kinds of stuff, all the time

Our product range is diverse, and it is available throughout the year. With our partnerships with vendors and through our facilities that make the stuff that will cater to your hotel’s needs, we ensure a vast chain of processes always working on time to produce luxury hotel amenities for our clients. Moreover, these can very easily be customized to feature your own brand’s logo and trademark on top of the products. This is the sole practice that has taken luxury hotel chains to where they are today. Make sure your hotel stands out with true and unique brand identity through its luxury hotel amenities, and we will take care of the rest.

Organic Product Range for Toiletries

The environment is in a crisis, and until and unless all industries come together to save it, there is little that can be done. GWP has taken the first step for this by bringing up luxury hotel amenities into the mix. Our toiletries, including soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions, contain extracts of Argan oil. Not only do they make our products organic, but they also have a great impact on the health of your guests. These products are all sourced naturally and try to avoid plastic processing and everything else that damages the environment to the best of their abilities.

The range we have available is exceptionally super luxurious for short term rental stay places. These places usually tend to skip on the amenities part. However, recent researches have gone on to show that only providing with simple 5-star facilities can go on and create a huge impact in terms of revenue generation and rave customer reviews.

Packaging and Bulk

It is only natural for no two hotels to have the same requirements in terms of toiletries. One place may offer a wider range of products as compared to the other. Similarly, there are multiple levels of rooms in hotels, offering single accommodation to guests, as well as whole suites for the family. For the suite level, luxury hotel amenities like a small 30 ml bottle of shampoo (our standard size) would not be sufficient. For that, we have specific packages for 2, 4, 6, 8, and more people. All our products for singular use come in packaging of 30 ml, for shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions. Our soap bars, too, are 30g.

Efficient Supply Chains

Lastly, just like we never compromise on quality, we also ensure that our product is delivered in time, and sometimes even in advance. We realize the importance of guest satisfaction, which is why our demand and supply systems are running based on the world’s leading management models, which ensure that all of our clients get top-notch services uninterrupted, all the time.


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