Hotel Slippers, Spa Slippers

Hotel Slippers, Spa Slippers

GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries brings with it countless solutions for the hospitality management industry. How often have you had guests walk up to your front desk asking for stuff like a sewing kit, or a common pin? It is stuff like this that should be already available inside the guest’s room, saving them the problem of having to walk down. That aside, some other countless accessories and amenities ensure that the brand image of a certain hotel stays intact. The bathroom accessories, in particular, should be maintained and regularly changed for the benefit of the guest.

Stuff outside the Bathroom

While GWP takes extreme pride in our extensive range of bathroom toiletries, we realize that stuff outside the room matters just as much. A guest who walks into your hotel expects the most lavish of treatments from your side, and in that regard, hotel amenities play a very vital role. That being said, the room needs to have everything the guest might need. Sewing kits and hotel slippers are just a small example. A lot of guests tend to fly in from far-fetched areas, either for pleasure or business. Both of these require impeccable clothing, which may need repairs at a moment’s notice. A sewing kit gives the guest the independence they rightly deserve.

Even if you are in the business offering temporary rentals, our services can be a go-getter experience for you. Imagine having a guest stay over for a short period, but during that stay, they get to experience all the 5-star amenities that they never expected. This compels them to put up rave reviews about your facility, and voila, customers and testimonials start to pour in!

Hotel Slippers, Spa Slippers

If your facility is that of 3 or 4 or 5 stars, you will have added amenities that make the experience truly luxurious for your guests. Designated areas for leisure, in-house casinos, bars, cinemas, and spas are just a few on the long list of amenities that the world’s leading hotels offer. Spas are one place that requires special clothing and a complete change in environment. It is important that your guest feels comfortable walking into that space. Spa slippers become an important accessory in that regard. Having them readily available at all times inside the room gives an impression of caring for the customer beyond their imagination. It is one of the reasons top hotel chains have made a name for themselves.

Bathroom Slippers

Bathroom slippers are yet another specialty that GWP offers. Our specifications for the products are the right ones for all kind of applications. These slippers are made in a closed-toe style, out of terry towel, and are dimensioned at 290 by 110. The material also has a three sponge layering, making it the highest quality of materials available. All of this is capped on the bottom by Ethylene Vinyl Acetate soles, which prevent slipping in wet conditions, and make them safe for everyone’s use.

Hotel slippers are just one of the many amenities that GWP offers to its clients, helping them make a lasting impression over their guests. These amenities can easily be customized using your brand logos, adding further value to the guests’ experience.


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