Hotel Shampoo with Argan Oil

Hotel Shampoo with Argan Oil

If you have been in the hospitality management business long enough, you realize the great importance that hotel toiletries in bulk hold. It is always super necessary that your guests get the best of treatments and pampering while they are staying with you. A wholly significant part of this is based on hotel amenities. Granted, you may be a very respectable brand with a rooftop restaurant and an infinity pool, but it is what adorns your rooms and facilitates your guests that make the differentiation. Hotel toiletries in bulk can change the game for you if you have not been playing it that way already.

GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries

GWP is here to solve all your hospitality management problems. With years of experience backing us in hotel toiletries in bulk, we will be sure to create a lasting brand image and impression in front of your guests. What is more? You can customize a huge majority of these toiletries and amenities with your brand logo or image, giving your hotel that exclusive yet premium feel, which makes your guests come back for more. Our range is diverse and covers everything that hotels are supposed to cover. This includes specialized bathroom accessories and toiletries, room amenities and other value-added products that are a game-changer in the hospitality industry.

The short term rental industry has also seen a great surge in its revenues by simply working on the quality of amenities being provided. Understandably, some businessmen might not want to invest a full day’s worth of amenities for a half-day stay, but the kind of guest turnover it brings has immense potential, recent market research shows. Simply a good review on social media by one such guest can bring you loads more!

Buying in Bulk – Hotel Shampoo with Argan Oil

There are various reasons why buying in bulk is beneficial for any hotel or other such business. Shampoos are a staple accessory that is needed in every single hotel bathroom. The shampoos that are provided by GWP – Luxury Amenities and Toiletries come enriched with Argan oil. We will get to the advantages of that later. For now, your hotel may have various types of rooms, including single-use rooms and suites for families. A single-use hotel shampoo with Argan oil will be quite insufficient in the suite area. Keeping that in mind, GWP offers its bulk options that come as packages for 4, 6, 8, or more people depending on the capacity of your large-size accommodations.

More on Argan Oil

Argan oil is used in all our hotel toiletries, because of the many advantages it brings. Sourced in Morocco, this special oil has great healing properties as well as advantages for the skin and hair. Leaving your customers with satisfaction and relaxation evident in their moods is the best thing one could hope for. Our argan oil shampoo helps you substantially achieve that. Hotel toiletries in bulk can also be very beneficial for your inventory, as this is the kind of stuff that might need regular replacement. Our standard hotel shampoo with Argan oil comes in a 30 ml packaging but can be increased depending on your requirements.

Make sure to keep your brand image soaring high with the luxury amenities and toiletries that GWP has in store for you, and your guests will not only stay loyal but get you more recommended guests too.


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