Hotel Amenities Supplies

Hotel Amenities Supplies

GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries is a brand that is familiar to everyone in the hospitality industry across Canada, the United States and many other countries. Our services are top-notch, perfect, and never fall short of any parameter that is set by you. What we do, you might ask? GWP helps hotels create a brand image for themselves that lasts for generations to come. Think of all the luxury hotels that currently dominate the hospitality market; it is merely their hotel soap or hotel towels that make an impression on the customer. In that regard, GWP has established a name for itself by becoming a leading hotel amenities supplier.

What have we got?

Hotel supplies tend to encompass a wide variety of products, and we make sure that your hotel gets everything. Our service portfolio is simple, a hotel or hospitality business requests us to furnish their rooms with the amenities that are worthy of their level of service, and we take care of the rest. Hotel towels, body lotion for hotels, and other such paraphernalia is no problem at all for us. Further, as you read on, we explain how we have you covered as the best hotel amenities supplier in the business.

Short term rental spaces are also something that has gone on to gain greater traction in the world. This has given them a higher standing in the service and hospitality industry. While tradition does not dictate it, giving customers more than they expect can probably turn them into your lifetime guests. Our amenities are designed to do specifically that.

Suites? We got you!

A whole variety of hotels focus on luxury and convenience. For lots of travel destinations, people tend to travel in groups, as well as live together in suites. The traditional form of hotel amenities seems a little impractical in such a situation. A 30ml shampoo, even if there are 4 of them, looks untidy in a hotel suite for a family. For such instances, we have you covered with a variety of options to choose from. These include:

  1. GWP 1 (recommended for 1 or 2 guests) – 4 shampoos, 4 conditioners, 4 shower gels, 4 body lotions, 4 soaps, 2 shower caps, 2 slippers, 2 shoe shines, 2 Dental Kits, 2 Shaving Kits, 2 Cotton Swabs, 2 Comb, 1 Sewing Kit, 2 Nail files, 2 Small Towels, 2 Large Towels, 2 Bathrobes.
  2. GWP 2 (recommended for 2 – 4 people) – 4 shampoos, 4 conditioners, 4 shower gels, 4 body lotions, 4 soaps, 4 slippers, 4 Shower Caps, 4 Dental Kits, 2 shoe shines, 4 Shaving Kits, 2 Cotton Swabs, 4 Combs, 2 Sewing Kits and 4 Nail files.
  3. GWP 3 (recommended for 4 – 6 people) – 6 shampoos, 6 conditioners, 6 shower gels, 6 body lotions, 6 soaps, 6 shower caps, 6 dental kits, 3 shoe shines, 6 shaving kit, 3 Cotton Swabs, 6 combs, 3 Sewing Kits, 6 Nail files, 6 small towels, 4 big towels, 2 bathrobes.
  4. GWP 4 (recommended for 6 – 8 people) – 8 shampoos, 8 conditioners, 8 shower gels, 8 body lotions, 8 soaps, 8 shower caps, 8 dental kits, 4 shoe shines, 8 shaving kits, 4 Cotton Swabs, 8 combs, 4 Sewing Kits, 8 Nail files, 8 small towels, 6 big towels, 4 bathrobes.


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