Body Lotion for Hotels

Body Lotion for Hotels

Hotel amenities and services are truly what make or break brands. With that being said, the entire hospitality industry is currently in a state of rebuilding, with changing strategies and whatnot. There are a few key factors that experts have identified to be the core causes behind any hotel’s success as a brand. The first and foremost, and probably the most important among these are hotel amenities. With thousands of hotels in a state competing for the same amount of customers, it is only the level of luxury that these hotels offer in the least amount of money that sets them apart.

Understanding Customer Psyche

The customer or guest is all there is to a certain brand. And ensuring that these people leave your facility happy and content should be the only priority of your business. GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries can help you do just that in the easiest and most convenient of ways possible. Imagine a customer walking into your hotel, the first thing they expect is to be treated with luxury and respect and led to a room that has all the facilities they expect. There should be basic amenities like hotel soaps and hotel towels, with your brand name etched on them to create a lasting impression (which we do perfectly). There need to be other things that your guest may not have anticipated but add to their experience of luxury. Making them remember your hospitality simply because you cared enough to provide it.

Body Lotion for Rental Villas, Apartments, Hotels

Body lotion for hotels is just one of those things. A hotel bathroom tends to have shampoos and soaps, but every hotel expects guests to bring their moisturizers. You can change the game here by introducing as part of your regular amenities package a body lotion for hotels, very conveniently available in GWP’s signature 30 ml packaging, ready to be set inside the bathroom. These body lotions are not ordinary, mind you. With 3 different mind-blowing fragrances (white gardenia, rose water and orange blossom) it helps keep your skin rejuvenated and fresh looking. Your guests will leave with an impression that will last forever.

Positioning and More

The body lotion for hotels is something that adds value to the entire guest experience, which is why it needs to be made sure that its positioning is special. Your brand name can benefit greatly from this and all other such additions. Be careful to place this product in the clear eyesight of the guest when they enter the bathroom, for them to try it at least once. Alternatively, you could advertise the introduction of this on your reception too.

The hospitality business is most definitely soaring high, and hotel amenities continue to be the backbone that strengthens it constantly. Make sure you make the most use of it.

One last important factor that makes positioning all the more interesting is the fact that short term rental services are also now catching up on the trend of hotel amenities and services. This is especially true in the case of many such facilities that offer online bookings. Since these mainly feed off their online guest bookings, a simple review in their favour on social media goes a long way, and our hotel amenities are the primary factor behind that!