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The hospitality business is in a constant cycle of evolution. However, some things might move on and evolve in their individuality, yet collectively; they remain the very essence of the business. Hotel amenities are this very essence of the hospitality business.

The purpose behind it All

When was the last time you visited a hotel and could not help but admire the hotel soap available in the bathroom? Such occasions are rare, and to improve your hospitality business thrive; we can bring it to you conveniently. GWP – Luxury Hotel Amenities and Toiletries is a name that has the backing of a huge majority of hotel brands. Our services in hotel amenities range to include everything from hotel towels to hotel slippers and those too either with GWP logo or with your own brand.

The Product Range

With GWP, the product range is immense, and you get to choose the right package depending only on your needs. Combine that with customized labels with your private label, and you have the very executive feel you were looking for, for your business.
Branding goes on and becomes the cornerstone of any service and hotel industry. An exceptional feature in this category is that of short term rentals. A lot of such facilities tend not to offer amenities, thinking it is not worth the effort. However, only one small, but good review can end up getting the hotel in the limelight. Our amenities can easily help you reach that benchmark.

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Individual Products: Bathroom

Our products can be procured by the unit, to be handled later by your hotel. The range includes everything your customer could want from his or her room. It is totally up to your discretion to choose which hotel amenities to serve at your hospitality business. Introducing organic solutions to the customer, our shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, and shower gels are all Argan. All of these come in packaging of 30 ml for the convenience of one night’s stay in a hotel room and are expected to be replaced after a single-use. Our Argan hotel soap is also a 30g variant. Hotel towels can also be made with customized sigils or logo.

Individual Products: Convenience

To roam around comfortably in the room, slippers made of Terry Towel in a closed-toe fashion can also be made available. These have special anti-slip EVA soles, within a 350g cardboard packaging. This comes accompanied by a shoe shiner, for shoes of leather in all colours.

Individual Products: Hygiene

A dental kit with a toothbrush, dental floss and a mini, 30g Colgate toothpaste can also be arranged with your brand. The shaving kit accompanying this would contain a double blade stainless steel razor, along with a 10g shaving cream packet.

Individual Products: Other Items of Hospitality

Your brand can only take off when you take care of the customer. Our hotel amenities also include nail files, sewing kits, combs, and an exclusive waffle bathrobe to help your guests feel right at home. So, they never move out in search of services.

The Need for Branding (Private Labeling)

The services are pretty simple. If you own a hotel or any other hospitality service, you need to make its name stand out. To do so, the best way to go about it is to let your word out through items of convenience. Complimentary hotel bathrobes with your label could help you gain multiple customers as other people get to see it.


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